Vlastimil Kula,

born 1950 in Czechoslovakia, studied Department of Photography at FAMU (Film and TV school, Academy of Performing Arts, Prague).

Taking advantages of the loosened travel restriction of the Czechoslovak communist government in 1968, Vlastimil visited England, Canada and New York and worked in odd jobs as a miner in Sudbury Ontario or as a waiter in N.Y.

After compulsory return to Czechoslovakia he studied the Art Photography at the Prague Academy of performing arts. Thanks to his previous experience with freedom, he became a man destined for a permanent clash with the behaviour of the unfree society he was forced to live in. The mainstream of the Czechoslovak society represented for him a challenge and he opposed the society fully. After the university rather than to do art under the supervision of the regime’s cultural commission he worked in advertising -the capitalistic alien.

In the years following the 1989 Velvet Revolution Vlastimil returned to the art photography. His philosophy has been to face those challenges present in modern Czech society and to make the most profound footprint in photography. Choosing the genre of erotic photography represented the excellent opportunity to make a difference.

In the photographic arts there is a virgin landing strip parallel to the pornography borderline. The reason? Is that genuine photography can only be a realistically descriptive, it is a minefield at the same time. Thrills and the gains are rare events! (Kula)

Through monograph published by TASCHEN (2004) he emerged as victorious combatant bringing to the world a costly pray of his noble struggle.

Kula continues in his creative work using means of both black and white and colour photography.